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Lisa Caroselli is a Love Attraction and Dating coach. Her motto: Be You. Attract Love. She helps people connect with their soulmate and create a life that they love.

Lisa is a Certified Love Attraction Coach (CLAC) and Licensed CLAC Trainer. She was mentored by Kathryn Alice, author of the bestseller Love Will Find You for 6 years, and moderated Kathryn’s Love Will Find You Yahoo group during that time. Lisa conducted her own Love Attraction club monthly via webinar for two years. She has been a licensed RSI spiritual practitioner, and has over 25 years experience facilitating adult learning.

A single mom for years, she married her own soulmate Michael in 2013. Lisa loves and appreciates the other men in her life too, including her son, his father with whom she co-parented, and her dad. You can learn more about Lisa and join her club or blog mailing list.

Read Lisa’s interview in Natural Awakenings January 2015 magazine here.


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