Are You Stuck in a Rut?

In the eternal big-picture, you’re exactly where you need to be.

This is not consoling when you feel as if you’ve been in the same place for an eternity.

So, let’s use a more neutral example.

Suppose you’re driving down the road and see someone standing next to their car. Consider the following:

  • Are they stuck?They could be stuck but they could also be resting, reading a map, taking their time, admiring the scenery or just stretching their legs. You’d have to ask them.

    Life Message: You may look like you’re stopped or stuck but may simply be enjoying where you are. However, if you feel stuck, you’re stuck, right? Or you might just be judging yourself by some bogus standard. You may feel you’re stuck, because you haven’t moved forward in an area of your life for a while. Most likely, what you may not be seeing is that you’re growing by leaps and bounds. Remember how you felt as a child when you couldn’t grow up fast enough to have the freedom of an adult? What is important is whether you feel you’d benefit from help to get unstuck and clear about what you want next.

    Action: Whether or not you were really stuck or just unable to see your progress, you will benefit by accessing the help that works for you. It could be counseling/coaching, taking a class, joining a mastermind, or hiring a specialist. And if the path you take teaches you to do for yourself, you will benefit even more.

  • If they are stuck, do you know why they’re stuck? (Let’s assume you’re not a mechanic.)

    No. There are many reasons why a car will not move or start. It could be lack of gas, or any number of reasons. They don’t need to go back and retrace their journey to find out what they need to get moving again. It would be best not to assume you know what the problem is. Nor does it do any good to think you have to start your whole journey all over again, that you somehow have done something wrong.

  • Life Message: Any situation, be it lack of dates, health issues, or finances, may have any number of causes. You don’t need to know how it happened or the whole story that brought you to this place, unless it somehow helps you move forward. Please don’t assign a spiritual, moral, dietary, etc. cause for something in order to “do a number” on yourself. Yes, you are responsible for your experiences. But this simply means that you are accepting our ability to respond, instead of react. It is not permission to be mean to yourself. It all comes down to self-love. You will look back on this difficult experience and be grateful for it, you are just too close to it now. Be willing to open yourself up to what may ultimately be the blessing or opportunity in disguise.

    Action: Make a list of what you have right now that you appreciate. From that list, start to stretch it a bit more by adding in new things that you’d like. For example, maybe you have had a lot of dates. Previously, you were focused upon how you hadn’t gone beyond the first or second date. Shift your focus to accept that you released something that helped you clarify what you are looking for. And, give thanks that you were freed up before you got too attached. You can set an intention to enjoy dating and exploring, or you can set one to only date for your soul mate. You may, because you’ve had your fill of what is not right, be ready now to date one special person or a couple of special people to explore the fit. Or you may start flirting with or asking out people that you feel are a little out of your league.

If you’d like to learn more about getting unstuck and opening up to soul mate love, please join me in Plainboro this Sunday, October 25th.There’s still a few spaces left, and it’s only $35 to attend. Or consider signing up for Say Yes to Love™.

Know that I’m supporting you and I hope to see you on Sunday and give you a hug!

Love and blessings,



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