Be Kind in Your Mind

Quite often the holidays can be a time when you may be feeling any number of emotions for no apparent reason at all. Instead of beating yourself up for your emotional state, use it to clarify what you need or want. Often just backing off a bit from your activities, making sure you eat healthy, and getting rest can be a big help.

    • Remember, you are loved. You are loved when you succeed and when you fall down. You are loved when you are joyful and positive AND when your eyes are brimming with tears and the “committee” in your mind is full of self-condemnation.
    • Nothing is ever really going wrong. The very thing that feels bad or wrong is evidence that Love is with you. That crummy feeling is a signal from your Inner Being. It’s telling you that you’re entertaining ideas about yourself (or others) that are not harmonious with peace and love.
    • If you’re having trouble with the idea that nothing is going wrong, let me give you an physical example. Suppose you have been beating your head against the wall. After a while, you would feel pain in your head. That pain is communicating to you that you are doing something harmful to yourself. The feeling is telling you to stop doing it. If you ignore the feeling and keep doing what you were doing, the pain will intensify. Eventually, it will get so bad you’ll have to stop, or someone will whisk you away to prevent you from doing further damage to yourself.

      This may seem like a really ridiculous example but we do more damage to ourselves emotionally than we would ever think of doing physically. This is why heightened sensitivity is a gift. If you feel your feelings and care about how you’re feeling, you will shift your focus or inner dialog until you feel better.

    • A heightened awareness or sensitivity to your emotions will also help you make better choices organically without having to be pious.

      For example, you may choose to be more courteous on the road because it feels better to let someone pass you than it does to block their progress and give them “the finger.” You may also choose to be less sarcastic and biting with your humor because you realize that sarcasm tends to attract people and conversation that take you down a path that is a “downer.” It’s healthy to prefer to be at peace with ourselves and our world.

    • You may also make choices that remove you from relationships that leave you drained or feeling “less than.”

Often, when people have numbed themselves to emotional pain, they may feel worse at first when their sensitivity and awareness increase. They may think that they’re doing something wrong when they’re really just waking up. If this is  you, take heart. That awareness you’re tapping into is priceless. Manifestation happens first in the emotional body. As your sensitivity increases, you will be able to make better choices before you get too far down a negative path emotionally. This means you’ll bypass unwanted physical manifestations because you’re sensing and choosing better earlier.  If you combine this with regular meditation and alignment, you will find that you are more steady and stable all around, and your “dips” will become a gift.

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