Frequently Asked Questions

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Your true love relationship:

  1. exceeds anything from your wish list or past
  2. gets better over time
  3. supports you in your life’s purpose and healing
  4. and is a love that benefits everyone connected with you.
No, I’m not a matchmaker nor an online dating (profile) consultant. I help people to attract the love of their life by living the life they love.
When you are living the life that you love, you are being your real self. This works spiritually and practically. Being yourself puts you in the right place at the right time to meet your love. You emanate confidence and have joy to share. Being you is very different from what most people mean when they talk about being themselves. As you become more of who you really are, you will shed flawed beliefs, habits and behaviors. None of these things represent the real you.
My approach works no matter how much you feel the odds are against you. You do not have to change one iota of who you really are for true love to come into your life.

As you cultivate self-love, you will start to build a life that you love. This magnetizes true love. It’s actually quite magical the way that it works.

Potential side benefits include: Attracting more supportive relationships into your life. Problem relationships dissolve or shift. Greater happiness at work and with family.

I attract single, widowed and divorced men and women who desire a spiritually-oriented, not necessarily religious, approach to dating and love. These people understand the value of inner clarity and alignment as a life strategy, and prefer to operate from the inside/out.
I offer in-person programs and workshops through local holistic centers.
A great deal of my work is also delivered via web conferencing/Skype or phone. I offer both individual and group coaching online.
  • You receive the electronic equivalent of what you would receive in an in-person program with the added benefit of having a recording of the teaching time.
  • You can connect with me from the comfort of your home and you do not need to be in NJ to connect with me.
  • You will not need a baby sitter to attend the online program. You can use the baby sitting time for your nights out.
  • Phone/online sessions are often more focused and effective because there are fewer distractions.
  • Online programs have slightly lower administrative costs, so they are frequently offered at a lower rate than an in-person event.
  • You have the opportunity to share and ask questions anonymously during the session via chat or openly via microphone. Shy or very private people are attracted to online events.
  • Group course participants receive homework assignments electronically via a self-paced course. This approach provides each participant with their own personal log of all course coaching activities/assignments and presentations. It also offers some individualized attention and feedback from me that you would not normally receive in a group setting.
First, I’d like to differentiate a free webinar from an online program. A free webinar is an online presentation. That’s it. Even if you’re being given tips and tools, they are only ideas until you apply them. A single webinar cannot offer you the opportunity to reinforce and apply the ideas in your own life. An online coaching program does. It provides a structure for applying the ideas and moving them forward in your life.

A webinar is most helpful for helping you decide if you would like to work with a particular coach or facilitator.  If you are already skilled in a particular area, a webinar may help you refresh your memory or provide a new tip or tool.

A single webinar cannot shift a habitual way of dating or relating which no longer works for you. It is unlikely that it will get you unstuck in a long-held pattern.

A program with self-study, coaching, tools, compassionate accountability, and celebration will shift the experience of an active participant.

My programs provide these support structures. They keep you focused, validate your progress, and reinforce new ways of relating and dating.

Everyone! Seriously, I mean it. The workshops and in-person programs are great opportunities to connect with other singles in an uplifting and positive setting. Although I do present ideas and answer questions, a good deal of the workshop consists of reflective and interactive exercises. Most people tell me that they not only feel more optimistic and open, people start responding more positively to them. They receive compliments, are asked out on dates, and generally feel that a whole new world has opened up for them.

Note, these are not matchmaking or dating events. Sometimes saying this disappoints people because they’re hoping to meet someone at the event. Although this can happen, it has a tendency to put too much pressure on yourself and others, and may actually repel people.

The reason most people come to these workshops is because they’ve realized that dating is not a numbers game. Simply getting out to meet more people socially doesn’t work, nor does getting more dates from having your dating profile on every site.

What you will get is renewed enthusiasm and self-confidence, the two most attractive qualities you can have in the dating game.

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