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Lisa Caroselli is a Spiritual Dating Coach, offering tools and insights that change the dating game to work in your favor. Her dating advice is different in that you will not be asked to change who you really are. And who doesn’t like to hear that, especially from a dating coach?

What is a spiritual dating coach? Are you a Christian singles coach or counselor?

A spiritual dating coach approaches dating from the inside out. S/he is not necessarily affiliated with Christianity or any other religion for that matter. My particular spiritual beliefs and practices would be characterized as New Thought. New Thought is based upon the idea “as within, so without,” “you get what you expect,” or what many are now lumping into the general category of “the law of attraction.” So, the answer to the second question is no. I’m not a Christian Singles coach, and yet I do work with many people who consider themselves Christian. I work with people of all faiths and those who do not practice a specific religion. What all my clients have in common is that they believe in an overarching loving presence and intelligence which supports all of life.

Why would I need spiritual dating advice? Couldn’t I just set up several dating profiles and go to a bunch of Meetups?

Setting up dating profiles and going to meetups or other social events will increase the number of social contacts you make. It will not necessarily increase the quality of those contacts. Dating is not a numbers game. Many have expressed that meeting more people makes dating more of a chore than they originally thought. Meet-ups or dating someone you’ve met online can often bring up fears that many people have about vulnerability and strangers. So even if you are using these tools, you would benefit from a coach who could assist you in aligning your dating habits with your inner guidance. This is a spiritual approach to dating.

What relationship advice does a spiritual dating coach provide?

Ideally, a spiritual dating coach should give minimal advice. Instead, their job is to see you as having your own guidance system, and to facilitate your access to it. A spiritual coach will guide you into greater clarity about what you expect to get out of dating and to facilitate setting goals and action plans for moving forward. Relationship means different things to different people. A spiritual dating coach facilitates your clarity about relationship and love. This clarity makes it easier for you to release anything unlike love without drama, thus creating an irresistible vacuum for the one who is right for you to walk into your life. A dating coach will encourage you to safely release barriers to intimacy, so that you feel ready to let down your guard with wisdom.

Does a spiritual dating expert set me up on dates or help me get more dates?

Not directly. A spiritual dating expert is not a matchmaker. However, through our work together, you will clarify your hopes and dreams and, most important, what you have to offer. The effect is that you will send out a clear message about what you DO want, increase your confidence that you can get it, and—this is key—believe that you deserve it without having to change who you are. She/he will also provide tools and practices for shoring up your self-esteem and confidence which play a key role in attracting love and so much more.

How might I benefit from speaking with a spiritual dating coach?

Receiving feedback from a spiritual coach may help you validate that you’re not asking for too much when it comes to love. Most people appreciate the compassion that spiritual coach can give, and are pleasantly surprised that this self-acceptance moves them forward instead of making them complacent. A spiritual dating coach may also guide you in clearing out fears and issues that most people have about dating. Aside from that, the most important factor is the quality of the connection with your coach. I believe that as you gain clarity, your intentions will come through in your relationships with everyone, and you’ll more easily steer clear of those that do not serve you. The right person for you will care about what is meaningful to you without your having to spell it out for them. And most of all, they will love you as you are right now.

What does a spiritual dating coach provide that I can’t get from talking to my friends?

A lot! Seriously, friends are great for support. They know you and love you, warts and all. However, most people tend to turn to friends for commiseration, sympathy or gossip. This can make you feel vulnerable when you’re in a new relationship. Friends may mean well in giving you advice but you may need to keep your mind and heart clear of outside input. While friends are helpful when you’re still hurting from a recent break-up or loss, they may only be helpful for a short time. A spiritual dating coach does not have a personal relationship with you that would prevent her from asking you to reach down deep so that you can move forward. Also, a spiritual coach keeps your conversation in confidence and holds you in the highest light always.

How do I choose a spiritual dating consultant?

A spiritual dating coach is different than a consultant. A consultant will give you specific advice and tell you what to do according to their particular formula or process. A coach may use a process. However, the goal of that process is to assist you in gaining access to your own guidance system. There are quite a few articles on the internet and in magazines that provide specifics, including questions to ask. Bottom-line, after you’ve asked all the right questions, ask yourself if you trust them and really believe you would benefit from working with them. If you feel uncomfortable to the point that you want to get away as fast as you can, trust yourself and don’t buy the idea that you are blocking your good. The right professional will find a way to help you break through self-limiting habits and beliefs.

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