Feeling Preyed Upon in Love?

True love never preys upon another. Instead it communes with, or prays with Love.

Whether you’re communing with or being consumed is something that you feel. It’s not something that you can easily describe in words. Yet it is important to begin to do so. Because when you find words that resonate within you without contradiction, you are on the path to having what you want.

We know love when we experience it. And if you’ve had a bit of confusion about your worthiness or what you can expect from life, you may have gone through quite a bit of heartbreak. Take heart. Every experience can bring you closer to what you want.

For you, it might be through experiencing a lack of love that you discover what love is. You may have

  • Given away too much of yourself in the past. You may feel as if you have been preyed upon or depleted in love.
  • Tried to get someone to meet your every need to the point that you are both worn out.
  • Demanded that someone give you something that they are unable or unwilling to give. And if you finally do get what you’ve asked for, it isn’t satisfying or it doesn’t last.

The good news is that you do not need to give up your dream of having what you want.

A big part of having what you want is about releasing. It could require releasing relationship. Most often it involves releasing behaviors and perspectives that tend to keep people who feed off of certain patterns of relating in place in your life.

Love is something that you feel first within your own being. When you begin to enjoy your own company, you will only let in those who enhance your life. You will prefer being alone to being in an energy-sapping relationship. In a truly loving relationship, you will be together and apart in ways that will deepen intimacy. The self-love you cultivated during your single time keeps the romance and chemistry flowing and growing.

It may be hard to believe this if you are now yearning for another to want to be with you, but it does happen.

Yes, until your mate shows up, there will always be some yearning, but it can have a positive expectation to supporting it.

Some things that will help you uncover or allow this love into your relating include:

  • Clarifying what is most important to you, what you want and deal-breakers
  • Authenticity
  • Engaging in what interests you
  • Showering yourself with kindness and generosity.  When you fill up, it cannot help but overflow to everyone in your world
  • Observing how others naturally express their love and appreciation, and noting what feels best to you
  • Learning how to ask for what you want while giving the other party the freedom to say no
  • Learning to become selective with your time and your energy
  • Choosing people who encourage your dreams from a grounded perspective.
  • Refraining from discussing your deepest desires or plans with anyone who would criticize, discourage or dissuade you
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