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heartleavesYour dream of soul mate love can be thought of as a seed. The seed (idea), once planted, grows.  It has everything it needs to blossom into your soul mate relationship. Planting the idea activates the seed or says “yes” to the idea.  Once you’ve embraced it and have singled it out as something that you want to experience, it is on its way into your life as a real flesh-and-blood person. That person, like your the plant within the seed, already exists. Your receptivity to this desire lets them into your life.

A Love-Friendly Environment

Although the seed idea will grow no matter what, you do play a part in how well it grows. If you would like a plant to grow from a seed, you provide it with good soil. For love, you would cultivate a nurturing environment in your inner (your mind and feeling) and outer experience (your support system). You protect your dream by only sharing it with those who support it until it is strong and well-rooted. You water and fertilize your heart and mind with what is good for you.

Below are a few simple ways to nurture your dream.

  • Be willing to believe that soul mate love exists. This is good soil for your seed.
  • Expand your willingness to believe that you get love no matter what your past experience has been up until now. This creates an opening for that seed to settle in and take root.
  • Look for evidence to tip the scales in support of what you believe. This will water and feed the seed.
  • Be kind and make gentle adjustments when you discover you’re not feeling the connection with what you say you want. This is more effective than using force.

Strong Roots

For a seed to be planted, it needs an opening or space to grow. And, a good part of its initial growth is not visible. In fact, many of the most magnificent plants come from tiny seeds that grow deep root systems long before any green shoots appear.

For you, this means that you need to create enough of an opening in your heart to be willing to let love settle in. Being willing to push aside even a few doubts will make enough space to allow love to take root and grow.

It also means that your first manifestations will be in your receptivity to love and awareness of it operating in your life. Your conversations will change. You will stop yourself before you say something negative about others or relationships in general. You might even point out where love prevails. People will be more receptive to you. You will also find yourself smiling and laughing more.

Your Seedling or a Weed?

As you nurture and feed your love seed, a lot of ideas and people will show up in your experience. Some belong in your life, while you will need to release others. Just as with a garden, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate a seedling from a weed. Until you know, let it grow. You can sort it out as you go. It also helps to remember that a weed is simply something that you didn’t plant. Remove the condemnation and you have a choice to let it grow or release it. This translates into using dating as a means to explore the value of a connection instead of trying to weed people out to get to the prize. Even in the world of plants, what was considered a weed decades ago is now a pretty flower. You will know love because it will reveal itself as being good for you, in your heart and in your mind.

This does not mean that you date people who are clearly not for you. Nor should you do anything that feels bad or completely unnatural. It does mean that you spend less time fighting the weeds (analyzing what you’re doing wrong) and more time nurturing (giving attention to) love.

Weeds could also represent negative or life-sucking behaviors or thought patterns. Although you do want to remove anything that is an obvious block, and may need help to do so, you do not want to get overly focused upon uprooting (eliminating) everything that comes to mind. Getting it right or working hard can be a delay tactic. If you find that you are giving more power (food) to the weeds (what’s wrong) than to your lovely seed. Instead, gently divert your attention (power) towards feeding what you want by remembering that this is more constructive (powerful) than many negative thoughts. We all have thoughts that negate what we desire from time to time. You do not need to be perfect at this, just persistent and clear about what you want. If you see each encounter or relationship on your path as a means of clarifying what is right for you, there will be no such thing as a failed relationship or rejection. Each date and each encounter brings you one step closer to your love.

So begin now to build up some evidence of love realized. To get you started, I’ve included a few links to articles from the New York Times online wedding announcements. Tiffany’s online also has inspiring stories, as does Godwinks. These stories also help you expand your acceptance of the many ways you might encounter love that you have not considered. It helps you to open up to the idea that love might come to you without a lot of effort. If you have found other sources for inspirational stories, I’d like to hear about them. Please email me at

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