Holding Hands

holding handsYesterday in the car, Michael and I held hands for a few moments. We do this often. This time it brought back a memory from one of our first dates about 7 years ago. That, and the way he opened the car door for me (and still does), touched my heart and made me aware of our oneness.

Holding hands provides comfort and support. It says I’m with you. We’re together in this. A parent holds a child’s hand to reassure them, guide them. Holding hands helps ease the pain, physical or otherwise that someone’s going through. If you’re on a date, holding hands is a way to convey interest without being pushy. Or if it seems too forward or too soon to hold hands, give a smile and look in their eyes. Listen when they speak. Whether or not this person turns out to be your life partner does not matter. You may have just given them the best gift of all, pure and simple connection.

Simple acts like this release us into being in the now. And this allows love to express naturally, organically.

For more simple ways to release into love, join me on April 24th for Release: The Fast-Track to Love. For those not nearby, keep your eyes and ears out for a new offering. It will be easy, inexpensive, and something that you can do on your own time with daily inspiration.

Much love on your journey,


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