Just a Little Opening – The Cross Walk

Ballroom Crosswalk

Probably one of the most common frustrations I hear is that it’s difficult to meet people. The conveniences that have made our lives easy and efficient, have freed up our time but they do not connect us with each other.

I do not blame technology. People get into routines or habits that keep the new out, that’s human nature.  You may be unintentionally saying no to spontaneity, if you’re used to rushing around, taking the same path every day, not making eye contact and going about your day on very a tight schedule.

Although the activity in the video was planned, the crowd’s responses were not. And they welcomed it!

To be open does not require complete and total vulnerability. It only requires that you be bold enough to try something new that is inspiring or fun or share something. Like that little dandelion growing through a crack in the sidewalk, it only needs a tiny bit of space.

Even in NYC, a place where you might think that people barely look at each other, there is a counterbalancing that happens. Many years ago when I commuted to work there, I would see and hear many creative things happening on the streets.

The video below reminds me a bit of what I used to witness, in the midst of what often seemed like a brusque, tunnel-visioned crowd. Instead of going with the routine, these people invite a new perspective, which begs the question:

What if you included the people who cross your path in the dance of your life? You need not take this literally, especially if you don’t dance. Instead, think of how you might share something of yourself or bring a little bit of fun into world.


​​​​​​​Love you!
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