Love Lessons from the Garden

Over the past month or so I’ve been building a wonderful container garden. It started with selecting seeds or buying seedlings that were already started. I’m not the most knowledgeable gardener. I simply find that gardening always soothes me and puts things in perspective. I am reminded of what my role in life is, and what it is not. It helps me to realize that the universe really knows what it’s doing, which is something that I forget from time to time. Gardening also reminds me to slow down and be aware of the more subtle evidence of progress and growth. If I need a reminder to believe before I see, I visit with Mother Nature.

Recently, I have become more aware of the more subtle signs of manifestation that you can see and experience before you harvest the full blown fruit.

For example, this is what we want from our garden.


But each of these starts out as something which looks nothing like what is harvested.

tomato seeds

Being able to see the evidence that what you want is on its way often requires you to become knowledgeable about what you want to have. When it comes to gardening, this means you need to be able to identify the plant and keep it fed and watered.

It also requires trust in the process and patience. Often the ground will seem to be barren for quite a while before you see any growth. The seasoned gardener knows that the seed has everything it needs to grow and that they only have to keep it protected and nurtured.

It’s easy to recognize a tomato plant when it is flowering or the fruit is on the vine.

Seedlings don’t start out looking like the fruit-bearing plant. You might just overlook or even think these are weeds. Yet they are tomato seedlings. Confidence or faith as well as knowledge in the germination process prevents the gardener from giving up on or uprooting the new growth.


Some plants look very similar when they are young. Cucumber or zucchini?IMG_2503

Often, you forget what you’ve planted and need to give it time grow a bit to be sure. Or, you may have trouble recognizing it in its early stages, because you are not accustomed to seeing it. However, a cucumber seed always yields a cucumber, and a zucchini seed a zucchini.

You will also find things that you didn’t plant growing in your garden. As a gardener, you would just wait to be sure, then pull them up. You realize that fertile soil allows whatever is in the soil to grow. Sometimes the more rich and fertile the soil, the more you will see things growing in it that you do not want. The gardener accepts without question that what they have planted will grow. The gardener is discerning and decides what to keep and unceremoniously uproots the rest. They know that there are also things planted by others (birds and other critters) that have been dormant in that soil that will grow as well. Without self-blame or judgment, they focus only on what is wanted. In fact, it’s evidence of well-nourished soil when both wanted and unwanted have grown.

The gardener understands their role is to tend to their garden. They do not literally make the plants grow and bear fruit. The origin of the word creator means to be the home of, bear. And as the plant starts bearing fruit, they will prune away parts of the plant to focus the energy on the desired growth and pick the fruit so that more will grow.

The most difficult time for anyone is the time between planting an idea and harvesting it as a full blown demonstration. However, if you are willing to acknowledge the subtle evidence of what you want as reinforcement for your faith during this time, it will allow you to savor and experience joy along the way.

When it comes to dating, signs of love would include:

  • The connections you make in joy with others, especially those who are not love interests, along the way.
  • Interest that you have in another, or another in you, regardless of the dating outcome.
  • Having a date.
  • Your ability to more easily release others when either they are not attracted to you or you are not attracted to them instead of feeling bad that there isn’t a mutual interest. Even a willingness to release for your own benefit is a sign of progress, you don’t have to be 100% unattached.
  • A willingness to believe that you can have what you want. Realizing that your biggest job is to increase your receptivity to the idea and nurture it. You do not have literally create your mate, you only have to create a welcome space in your life that will let them in.
  • The ability to explore the connection until you know that what you have is what you want.
  • The willingness to weed out anything in your experience that would hinder the full blown growth of love in your life.
  • Faith in the outcome.
  • The courage to release relationships that are not in alignment with what you want to grow in your life. Often, we just need to focus more on what we want. You will know at some point whether to dissolve it yourself. Often though, the relationship will change or it will dissolve of its own accord.

You can also apply this analogy to your spiritual growth in other areas of your life, whether it be your health, prosperity, or creativity/right employment.

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