Open Up to Love – 30-day email course

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Open Up to Love – Only $25.00

“I’m enjoying the 30 day program.  There are so many good and helpful things to think about!  It will be interesting to see the changes that I make in my life as a result of your help.”
–Sally B.
This is a 30-day self-paced email program that you can start now. It will assist you in manifesting love. It’s filled with practical tools to help you on your love journey. And because it’s self-paced you get to choose what you do and when.  A message a day is delivered to you early in the morning to coincide with your spiritual practices.  You will receive an inspiring message and/or an easy activity to implement that day.  Would you like to take your current relationship, career, wealth, or health up to the next level? These exercises can help you do just that. You could adjust the exercise to fit your intention or next life step. The simple act of focusing upon what you would like to bring into your life for 30 days will shift your experience of love and dating.

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  • an email a day for 30 days,
  • reminders, affirmations, encouragement and support,
  • a guided meditation that will bring love to you
  • practical, easy exercises that you can use now to dissolve resistance and let love in.

Included with the program, one 20 minute intention setting consultation with Lisa. This session alone is worth $50.

Start Now – Only $25.00



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