Release IS the Fast Track to Love

553033_10151402935298097_334807053_nWith all of the talk about attracting you might be wondering how release is the fast track to love. I remind everyone who comes to my sessions that their love already exists. You’re given that calling to be on the path towards your love as a way of waking you up to letting love into your life, not to make you suffer.

I met my husband two years before we started dating, right around the time I started practicing the principles that helped me let him into my life. I released everything that got in the way of connecting with him, which included releasing some dating patterns that didn’t work. Although you may have a different path for coming together with your right and ideal partner or for re-awakening soulmate love in your own relationship, there are more people who bump into their love multiple times before everything syncs up.

Why don’t you connect the first time? One or the other is not ready. They may be going through divorce, breakup, or some other major life change that will bring them into your orbit, or vice versa. More often than not, one or both have barriers to receiving love. Note: This is where I help people the most.

I also tell everyone that “your coming together is guaranteed.” Now I know that that is true, well before you believe it. And my function is not to agree with your excuses or doubts, it is to assist you with: 1) releasing any tendency to settle. 2) letting go of what is in the way of receiving this love. 3) clarifying what does fit and increasing your willingness to believe that you get it 4) opening up to this love more quickly and easily 5) savoring your remaining single days, 6) and enjoying your dating experience more fully.

If you’re ready for love and willing to let go of what is not working, join me this Sunday, April 24th at my workshop in Clinton, NJ.

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Lisa is a Love Attraction and Dating coach. She helps people connect with their soulmate and create a life that they love. Ask her how to attract that special someone: (908) 605-6266 or send an email.