Right Timing Has Nothing to Do with Time


I’ll say it again. Right timing has nothing to do with time.

It has everything to do with alignment and openness to something new. The moment you open up to a life-affirming idea — whether it be about love, health, wealth, or creativity– it has already been given. It may seem that it takes time because we use time to make sense out of our world.  All things are being brought together, unseen until ready.

Practical evidence is everywhere on this topic. Think of a seed growing into a tree. A human is conceived from a sperm and egg and grows in the womb for almost a year. Everything has a pattern of development that is unique and special.

Guidance is always present

Just a few days ago, both my husband and I were drawn to look to the left while driving past a property that we must have driven by hundreds of times. We both saw a barn that has been there all along and both said that it was the first time we noticed it. What made us look? We didn’t point it out to each other. We just happened to turn our heads at the same time. What made us notice the same thing? In an instant, there was this subtle but very strong realization that we are guided by something much bigger than our intellect. We were open and receptive. The timing takes care of itself.

 The right things are already coming into place. You start seeing the evidence when you open up to or embrace this idea. It is easy to get fooled and think that things are not working when all that is happening is that they are working differently than you had planned. When plans fall apart, often there’s another option that comes along later that is greater than you could have imagined. As you train yourself from reaction to seeing right action, things fall into place. You might feel compelled to take a step because something is pulling you to do so, even if you still have some doubt or fear. Later, it turns out to have been a divine opportunity.

Stop – Do this exercise now

Take a moment now and write down a list of all those times that you took a step even though you had doubt, skepticism, or fear, and later saw that it was the best thing you ever did.

Openness is key

You’ll probably see that these were turning, or pivotal, points in your life. You’ll see that you made a commitment first and then the Universe stepped in to back you up. You’ll probably notice too that each time you forgot how successful you were in previous times. And, you also realize that each time you had less struggle because something in you knew better and didn’t fight the change so much.

As we release what we’ve known for years (ready or not) to embrace what has been trying to come into our life, so much rushes in to assist us. It can make us wonder why we ever doubted.

Those who write to me tell me how things came together for them; they see the beauty and perfect timing. They realize that the work they did before it all showed up allowed it to happen. Most wish they could have enjoyed their journey into love more. And some realize that they might have opened up a little bit earlier to the one who was right for them.

It usually takes a leap of faith at some point. If you’re not a leaper, then just take a step, then another and another. Many little steps do add up to a leap.

Clues that it’s time to get off your “buts” 

In my own experience, I usually find that I need to pay attention when I keep coming back to a thought, especially if I get multiple signals that pop into my awareness.

There is also another thing that tells me to that it’s time or something is right. I keep getting drawn to an idea that feels a bit uncomfortable or even scary, and I make all kinds of excuses.

Note: The scary I’m speaking about is one where excitement is mixed in with doubt. If it’s the “get out of here quickly” scary, heed the warning signal. If you’re not sure which signal you’re getting, wait until you know. You will know eventually.

Another sign is being tempted to settle for something less. It is a far cry from the dream but you “rationally lie” to yourself about it.

Excuses are a strong clue. They can range the gamut from a lack of time, finances, or maybe some obligation. Back in my single-parenting days, it was the hassle of getting a babysitter. Most excuses have to do with priorities. If it’s clear that you really value something, a way will be made.

When the dream feels too big, just remind yourself to take one step. Once you take the step, guidance will provide you with the next and the next, including any course-correction. There are no real mistakes.

And if it takes getting very uncomfortable before you take a step, love yourself through it and ask for help. Everything, including your readiness, is perfect for you. I know this to be true in my own experience and in the experience of those who work with me; I wholeheartedly believe in your own perfection.

Love and hugs,



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