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First Session: Sunday, September 25 from 8:00 – 9:15 pm ET. Attend from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Limited spots available. 

Would you like to be lifted up by a group that believes love and relationship are supposed to be fun and harmonious? 

Are you looking for a coach who not only believes in love, she has a process to share that has worked for her and for others?

If so, join my new monthly online coaching program Say Yes to Love™ Club.

You would benefit from taking this program if:

You prefer or are comfortable with meeting online via computer. (Think of Skype.) Or, you’re unable to attend my Clinton, NJ club. Note: If you have an online dating profile, you would find it easy to attend a meeting with me online.

You are someone who is looking for coaching that is spiritually practical.

You’ve been stuck and are looking for an affirmative approach to dating that addresses your inner clarity as you move forward with your outer action. You refuse to settle and would like to dissolve anything that has you feeling that love is out of reach for you.

Here are some examples of how coaching will help:

You’re Single — Shift your dating experience and assist you in staying positively-focused. Release desperation or exhaustion from trying too hard. Increase confidence that you get love. 

Just Starting Over — Let go of what does not serve you, step out with confidence and open up to love again. Free yourself from past dating or relationship patterns. 

In an exclusive relationship and ready to take the next step — Receive support that will assist you in raising your relationship to soulmate quality. Enjoy where you are and move it forward.

First Session –> Sunday, September 25 from 8:00 – 9:15 pm ET!

Go from single to soulmate! Engage a process that brings love to you

Say Yes and open up to a love that is better than your dreams. Get tools that you can apply to:

  • Enjoy dating,
  • Be happy as a single,
  • Let true love, and only that, into your life,
  • Engage a process that will move you forward.

If you’re ready to release anxiety and regret, and start savoring your single days– realizing that those days are numbered–this group is for you! 

Shore up your confidence and faith that you deserve your heart’s desire to have your true companion in life. And let it in.

This monthly program will give you tools that support you in going from single to soulmate.

This program will support you to:
  • Date for your soulmate and nothing less
  • Magnetize love in your relationships
  • Redefine dating in a more empowering way
  • Re-frame rejection and learn to release more easily
  • Leverage perceived limitations, blocks or flaws to your advantage
  • Move your intentions for love forward
  • Keep the appreciation, love, and joy that brought you together in the forefront

The DATE process: You get to decide what you apply between sessions using DATE. DATE will keep you focused and make the coaching time most productive for everyone. I’ll explain this process during our first meeting. It’s simple, effective and it puts you in the driver seat.

The details:

First Session –> Sunday, September 25th from 8:00 – 9:15 pm ET! This is a monthly group with a new topic every month. 

  • Opening prayer/affirmation
  • Teaching time – This time will include a topic, exercise and/or guided meditation with Q&A as time permits. The teaching session will be recorded – you can listen when it’s convenient. 
  • DATE coaching strategy to keep you moving forward. This is the process during the interactive segment of the session that will clarify your next steps, and keep the group sharing dynamic and focused.
  • Wrap-up, affirmative prayer.


You will also get

  • Individual Coaching Session – You will receive one 45-minute individual coaching session via phone or webcam meeting (think of Skype) to use within six months of sign-up period. $150 value
  • Recordings — of the teaching material and guided meditations from the meetings to review. Note: Only Q&A submitted via chat or in advance of the session will be recorded.

If you have questions about the program, contact me at

Benefits of this group

  • It works – You will receive what has worked for others, including the shift that will move you from feeling excluded from love to having it. Every tool used  is intended to facilitate that shift and move forward.
  • Personal Touch – The process I use creates the experience where love finds you, instead of having to chase it down, do back-flips, or search for something that’s out of reach. My style teaches the individuals within the group instead of a canned curriculum, program or formula. This differentiates what I offer from most of what passes for online programs. Each group has its own synergy or theme and that is what makes it valuable for my students and rewarding for me. No two groups are exactly alike even when I’m teaching the same course. Also, I’ve been where you are and hold the space for you until your faith in love is stabilized and you come together with your mate.
  • ReinforcementYou have a community that supports you in realizing your intention. This is most important. Before you can fully believe for yourself, it is most important to be surrounded by those who are supportive and lift you up. You are reminded that are not alone in an atmosphere that affirms your love life intention. Celebrating your success and the success of others reinforces that everyone who wants their soulmate gets him/her.

Payment is via PayPal. For other arrangements, contact me at

Pay monthly*–$60/month for a minimum of 6 months.


Pay for 6 months up front and save** $315 pre-pay for 6 month subscription. Save $45 over a 6 month period.

* For month-to-month payment clients:  The monthly subscription is a payment plan for a 6 month commitment to the program. There are no refunds for cancellations prior to completing the 6 month commitment. You will continue to be billed monthly after the 6 months until you cancel.  After that, please be advised that should you cancel after monthly payment has been made, there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. Your cancellation will take effect the next month.

**For 6-month subscription clients: You will be billed once every 6 months. The rate is based upon a 6 month commitment with all fees for that period must be paid up front. It is your responsibility to remember to cancel the subscription prior to renewal. An exception I will make would be to provide a full refund if you notify me within 10 days of the renewal charge and you have not used the services after renewal. If you have used the service after renewal and have notified me within the 10 day period, I will provide a partial refund. Bottom line: I strive to be fair.

Have a question? Want more information, or would like to schedule an exploratory call? Send me a message at




This couple just got engaged! And it was a very romantic proposal in London, England.
FB_IMG_1426175106466Thank you for Everything, Lisa!!! There was a time when I thought I’d be talking with you and the other members forever and nothing would ever change but it has and it feels very real and lasting. I know so much of my ability to open to love again is because of all the support and work we did together. I don’t know how I would have made it through the times of doubt and uncertainty without you and everyone else. I will look fondly on those monthly calls. My boyfriend and I met about a year ago in the most magical way and we have been together every day. We just moved in together. Each step we take together flows. Our bond grows stronger every day. I know that the confidence and strength I gained from working with you helped me attract and be open to a love deeper than I’ve known before. You kept reminding me that the work we were doing together would uplift my whole life, and it’s true. Not only have I attracted my soul mate, I am also actively engaged in my art and have found a spiritual community which supports me in living my highest and best life.
–Lisa Severino, Los Angeles, CA


11047091_10204516798694922_172409070_nLisa’s class got me to focus on what was really important and what mattered, helped me to understand that having a “love’ in my life was a matter of choice and not necessary.  She allowed me to fully grow into myself so that when he arrived, I was ready and willing” I really had a great time, met some wonderful people and relearned some valuable lessons. 
–Jody Weber, Cream Ridge, NJ


P1010426 (1)

I have been coaching with Lisa since Feb 2012 and following her blog and her Yahoo Groups message board since Feb 2009.  What struck me in Feb 2009 was the faith and gentleness with which she approached the journey of finding the soulmate.  Her advice is reassuring and even though some of it may feel “out there”, especially since your desire is not manifested on the outer.  But trust me it works.  After meeting my soulmate in early winter this year and getting married to him this summer, I now look back at all the affirmations I created during the course and the support I received especially when I hit a “dating desert” and was tempted to believe I didn’t have a soulmate. She was so right in saying that it is all working even though there is no evidence of it on the outside.  And now I am married to my soulmate, I am in a relationship that I so deeply yearned for but felt it was beyond my reach but now it exceeds all my expectations.  I feel seen, supported, heard, loved, honored, respected and completely accepted just as I am.  Have faith, the process works.  Lisa is an excellent mentor – she is deep, sensitive, caring, supportive, very wise and generous – her mentorship and your effort will definitely bring results.  The process sometimes may take time, but the results are worth it! 

–V.A., California

Lisa, you did a great job. We first met on e-harmony about 5 years ago.
It’s a really special relationship that didn’t happen overnight. When I
took your course we were on an 8 month hiatus and I found your course to
be eye opening. Now we’re engaged. I am selling my house. We’re buying a
house. And, we’re getting married next summer.–Larry, Clinton, NJ
DeniseP“Lisa is a treasure trove of love knowledge and experience . Through her teachings, Lisa helped me remove the scales from my heart and my eyes so I am tuned into love. “

Denise P., NJ



“I attended one of Lisa’s Say Yes to Love™ Meetups called Date for Your Soulmate and found it very helpful. The seminar made me realize the importance of having the right attitude and increased my confidence and positive outlook. As a result, I have turned more encounters into dates. I’m still looking for that special someone, but the process is a lot more fun and enjoyable.”
–Shelly C., Denville, NJ

Since the workshop, things have gotten very ‘interesting’- especially this past week. I seem to be getting a lot more attention from men when I am out and about. I’ve had men stop their conversation in a restaurant to say hello to me as I walk past, more men are making eye contact, saying hello, etc. I am not doing anything to make it happen, it just seems to keep happening. I’m looking forward to doing more work with you. –Lisa Rehm, NJ

This workshop is a mix of fun and informative exercises. Lisa is a wonderful, lighthearted, and competent facilitator. –Dave Mueller, NJ

I recently joined a computer dating site, and I had the best 1st date recently.  And we will be having a second date.  Very good connection. I am confident that your prayers & meditations at the beginning of the sessions were very powerful. –Anonymous

I went to the park for a walk yesterday. About 3 miles in, a woman walking the path said to me “look at the colors on that bird.” And before you know it, we were walking together and talking, like old friends. Here’s the kicker: she said to me she had some girlfriends in the city who wanted her to join them at a workshop in Plainsboro this weekend by someone named Lisa! And that she had heard great things about her workshops. So… know I said Lisa Caroselli?!?!! And it was you! The coincidence was crazy, what a small world … however we agreed that we would try to go to your next workshop together. So…..small world, huh? We exchanged info and I have a new walking buddy and maybe a new workshop buddy too. –Michelle.Sheridan, New Jersey