The Cardinal Connection

bird-107802_1920My husband and I got up very early for a bike ride yesterday morning to avoid cycling in the high temps. We’ve taken to riding a tandem over single bikes for almost a year now. In many ways, it’s brought us together. And, I believe it is the most natural way to stay in sync with each other.


Each morning before I go out, I meditate. I won’t go into the specifics but I set an intention or ask a question. That intention was realized, but it wasn’t realized in a way that I could have planned for or figured out in a traditional way.
We had the most amazing ride into Chester. We left around 6:30 am and came back home by 10 am. Despite the fact that the temperature on the bike said 91 degrees, we kept getting these cool breezes, and the route Michael picked was mostly tree-covered. Along the way, I saw the brightest red cardinal. It seemed more brilliant than usual. I just took note.

We stopped for a little bite to eat once we arrived. We were there so early that only two other people were inside. When one of the customers left, we started chatting with the other man. Something kept drawing me to his tattoo. It looked like puzzle pieces but it was partially covered by his t-shirt. He told us that the tattoo stood for his 15-yr-old son who has autism. And then he pointed out the bright red cardinal on his arm. Then he started talking about how the cardinal is for those who have passed and that he sees them just at the right time. He told us a story about his life, his path, and how his dad showed up for him as this cardinal just when he became available to make a decision that would turn his life around for the better. He wasn’t religious. He wasn’t preaching, just sharing insights and miracles of life. He also talked about how people quite often think he’s a little bit unusual for sharing these things but they are undeniable for him. He had just gone through something challenging today too, something that I had already been through years ago. And so, in some way, we supported each other without really trying to do anything.
I resonated with his story of support because I’ve had the same experience. Something comes to reassure me in those times. Quite often it’s my cardinal, but not always. And very often it comes through unexpected channels so that it stands out. Think about that for a moment. How often to you cling to figuring things out or making them happen?
It crossed my mind that no one had ever told me about cardinals and how they represent our loved ones who passed until decades after my mom had passed. Yet I felt this connection. His telling me his story gave me something critical that’s undeniable. Anything new will be startling or outside of what is already known or experienced, but you have the ability to recognize it, not by what the world recognizes but by what is meaningful to you. It also crossed my mind that we were all brought together by something that we couldn’t have figured out or planned on our own. That is real magic. Noticing is the blessing. We simply had taken an inspiration to ride to Chester and put legs on it, literally. This man, although he had to test the waters by explaining himself, knew it was safe to express freely.
Do you get these things by logic, planning, figuring it out, or working hard? No. They come because they are invited, and most of all, noticed and acknowledged.
There is a beauty that unfolds that is hard to describe when we allow the “how” to be “filled in” by Life and prepare ourselves to perceive, share, and receive our good.
Ask yourself how often you move through Life with an open heart, expecting and allowing meaningful connection to come in unexpected ways. How good could it get if you apply spiritual principles to your dating experience, and simply connect? The Universe has a much bigger database than any dating site. Yes, go to your networking meetings, attend singles events, and sign up for that dating site if you are moved to do. Just leave space for the magic of love to break through in unexpected ways, even in the usual hangouts. Isn’t that the way the most amazing stories come about? Expect the unexpected good.
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