The Good News about Disappointment

Some of the best experiences in my life were preceded by what looked to be a roadblock, detour, a loss or a long stretch of nothing. Take heart if you’re feeling this way, you’re making room for your answer.

Don’t take my experience as the truth. Check in with your own. How many times have you discovered that an unmet dream became something greater than you could imagine? This breakthrough happens when you surrender the specific and very limited way that you expected (and perhaps try to force) your answer into being.

How do you know you might be limiting your good? You feel that you are working too hard for it. There is a lot of effort and little to no joy. And, most likely, you are doing things that you think you should be doing to get what you desire instead of relaxing and receiving inspiration.

One client of mine worked so hard for years, attending every workshop, meetup, or class and thinking that somehow she was not doing the right thing when the only right thing was to look for the dating opportunity that was no work at all for her. Someone had already been waiting in the wings for her and she had kept saying no because she had an ethic that said she had to work hard for everything. Once she gave that up, love rushed in.

  • Give the working hard at it a rest.
  • Accept help.
  • Rejoice in knowing that Source has a bigger plan in store than you have embraced.

 I’m holding a workshop today at 11 am. Come join me if you’re inspired to do so.

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