Unwrap Your Presence and Take it Out of the Box

As the holiday and the year come to a close this month, you’ll be unwrapping presents as well as giving them. I’d like to encourage you to unwrap your presence and take it out of the box, a.k.a. your comfort zone. 

Your presence is a gift. Whether it’s your physical presence, emotional or spiritual presence, showing up matters. And when you start sharing yourself, even in the tiniest way, you put love into action. This doesn’t call for any extreme behavior. It just means that you quietly, within yourself, know that you are a gift and that anyone would be lucky to know you. Think about it. Many love in a reactive way. Someone shows appreciation and then we love them back. Just imagine if you were to turn that around. Suppose you were to let your love light shine without an agenda and many people started showing interest. Some would become friends, some dates or lovers. You might have business mates too. And suppose, while you’re having a great time, your right and ideal mate shows up. Wouldn’t that be nice? And the bonus is that you’d be having a good time along the way.

Instead of wait for love to show up, shine. Be the best You that you are right now. And know that that’s enough.

Here are a few gifts of your presence that you can give as you move through these holidays. Try something that feels like a little bit of a stretch.

  • Give a smile, a word of encouragement to someone new
  • Offer a hug. (Make sure they want one before you give it.)
  • Encourage that new cashier with the long line in the super market
  • Pay for someone’s breakfast bagel or coffee anonymously
  • Laugh at that joke that you’ve heard before
  • Make that phone call
  • Be silly
  • Give up a grudge
  • Find something good when tempted to find fault with someone
  • Sing out loud
  • Dance your dance
  • Forgive yourself
  • Let that car in front of you
  • Visit a relative you haven’t seen in a while
  • Stretch the holiday out and take the pressure off. Let your family/kids have multiple celebrations at different houses rather than just one big one. This is great for separated/divorced families.

It’s also just as valid to give yourself permission to go into retreat and come back refreshed and happy. That is more of a gift to others than we realize. And allowing others to give to you is just as important. Accept a modification to holiday plans and bring a dish instead of being the one to host family gatherings. You might find you like being the guest.

Know that I’m supporting you in your journey into your love’s arms.

Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday!



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