What happened to your blog, Lisa?

Yes, I’m still here. Those of you who are on my mailing list know this because you’ve been getting daily notes from me instead of the monthly blog.

For those of you are not on my mailing list, I’ve been working on something very special for the past few months that will help those of you who are willing to commit and engage in a program (get it? engage?) that will in bring you together with your right and ideal mate. Yes I’m talking about the one you want, in the flesh.

What I’ve noticed is that those who have worked with me on a consistent basis are the ones who progress the most. They’re the ones who’ve taken the classes and have worked with me privately.

The evidence keeps showing up. Just this past month, one of my Love Attraction club peeps got married and another is moving deeper into a committed relationship.

An ad hoc class here or there, or signing up for a course and not doing the homework just doesn’t work. Some people drop out just when applying a little bit of focus will pull them through and yield results. Most have unconsciously created an artificial wall that says that they’re the exception. They think they don’t get to have their mate. Or, even worse, they think they have to change something dramatic on the outer to “attract” the love of their life.

You do not have to change one iota of who you really are to have love in your life.

Yes, there is something you need to change but I guarantee you it isn’t your essence. Your essence is the part of you that we’ll get to in the program that I’m working on.

Until this course comes out, I’m writing Love Notes to my mailing list fans instead of blog articles. They’re usually daily notes. Once in a while I might skip a day or two, but they’re frequent and they will help you. You also get a couple of recordings and a few freebies. You’ll get the first notice of my new program when it comes out. I will not share your information with anyone else.  And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Here’s the link to sign up: http://lisasloveliftoff.com/sign-up/




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