You Are Never Alone

This past weekend I picked up my son at the Philadelphia airport. He had just returned from a week at Myrtle Beach, SC with friends from college. This was one of those last-minute, spontaneous vacations with a bunch of people sharing a rental property.

On the drive back home, he told me a lot of things. As he’s relating stories about his trip, he talks to me about how he woke up every morning at 8:30, well before the others. Every morning at this time there was a cardinal that visited him and looked at him for a while. It even came into the house once. Then, after a time it would leave. I smiled and asked him if he knew that that was his grand mom checking up on him. And he said yes and told me that that was why he was telling me about it.  We were quiet for a bit. (My mother loved cardinals and I am blessed with one, either live or in a picture, when I’m needing some type of support.)

I honestly think that that story was more for me than him. He wanted me to know that he’s ok and not to worry. As a parent it’s often a challenge to remember that your kid has their own connection with Source as all forms of support, protection, and guidance. It also reminded me that we are never alone. Those who have crossed over the threshold we call death are still with us. They are often providing us with the serendipitous encounters and information we need as we need it. We just have to be open to it.

It is another reminder that we are all connected at a soul level. Children choose families long before they are born. Lovers are joined together in spirit before they meet. Our right and ideal employer is already preparing our job for us. What you are seeing as an absence of a partner, loved one, job, or anything else is the physical evidence. That’s all.

I know that this is a LOT when you’re wanting to connect with your good physically. Yet if you see it correctly, it will help you feel that you HAVE what you want in a way that will allow you to live your life fully now instead of putting it on hold until you meet your soul mate, the right employer, reconnect with loved ones, etc. There is so much happening behind the scenes for you and for me about which we have no knowledge. I’ve been told so many times that the people who are now connected as a couple actually kept bumping into each other until they were both ready. Often, we are given multiple opportunities BEFORE we OPEN our “I”s (our finite concept of self) and see and RECEIVE our good.

Although this can be challenging when we’ve waited a long time for something to manifest, we need to change our focus. That’s what appreciation and gratitude are about. That’s what forgiveness is about. It’s not something that Life or God needs from us before we’ll be rewarded for being a good person. It’s what we need to change the lens that we’ve been using to view our world. When we see clearly and without judgment (ourselves and others), we see our answer and receive our demonstration.

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